National Guard Association of Colorado - Welcome

Since we first formed in the Colorado State House on Jan. 2, 1909, the National Guard Association of Colorado has been the primary organization representing the Colorado National Guard to the National Guard Association of the United States, Congress, the Colorado State House, and the citizens of Colorado.

Our primary goal is to petition for better equipment, training, equal benefits, and support for our Colorado National Guardsmen and their families.

The National Guard Association of Colorado represents the men and women of the Colorado National Guard who have served in all of the nation’s wars and are the military’s first responders when Colorado is confronted by natural and man-made disasters and homeland security threats.

We are committed to the welfare of the Colorado National Guard Citizen-Soldiers and -Airmen, and the more than 6,000 National Guard families in Colorado.
Rob Lawrence (CSM)

Vice President - Officer:
Ron Oestreich (LtCol)

Vice President - Enlisted:
Terry Alflen (SGM)

Isabel West (SGT)

Joshua Gagnon (LT)

Executive Director:
Michael Stowell (Col)

136th General Conference & Exhibition

August 22-25, 2014
Chicago, Illinois

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Office Manager:
Deb Wray (CMSgt, Ret)

Retiree Director:
Joyce Saitta (CMSgt, Ret)

Legislative Director - Air:

Joshua Burger (Capt)

Legislative Director - Army:
Frances Drumm (SFC)

Benefits Director:
Angela Stowell (Col)

Conference & Events Director:
Bryon Fetty (MAJ)

Membership Director - Air:
Elise Strauss (TSgt)

Membership Director - Army: Jason Stuchlik (Maj)

Communications Director:

Company Grade Officer - Air:
Darin Overstreet (Capt)

Company Grade Officer - Army:

Robert Rudich (1LT)

Heritage Director:
Dave Schmidt (MSG, Ret)

Legal Advisor:

Keith Robinson (MAJ

Volunteer with NGACO

The NGACO fundraising committee is looking for volunteers, both Soldiers and Airmen. If you have ideas, knowledge, or just want to get involved, please contact Isabel West.

Learn more about NGACO

Who we are, what wave done for you lately, and why your service and membership matters:


Need money for school?

Each year, thousands of dollars are available to Soldiers and Airmen as well as their families of the Colorado National Guard to the diligence and hard work by the Education Foundation for the Colorado National Guard in association with the National Guard Association of Colorado.
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